Season 01, Episode 11

Walking Dead Cows: IRL Zombie Diseases

About the Episode: 

The Walking Dead portrays the complexities of life following a zombie apocalypse. Naturally, chaos ensues, but how dangerous are zombies… really? Evan teaches us about zombie-like diseases that occur in real life, why zombies eat, what to do if you see a drooling deer, and how he would survive a zombie apocalypse. Diseases discussed include: mad cow disease, Dengue, tetanus toxin, rabies, and cerebral malaria.


About Evan Ratzan:

I have joined University of Utah’s Neuroscience PhD program in 2014 where I began researching the developing nervous system. In Michael Deans lab, I examine the cellular patterning of sensory epithelia within the inner ear, particularly within the vestibular maculae. I conduct experiments primarily using mouse genetics, embryonic microdissection, wholemount immunohistochemistry, and RNA sequencing. Currently, I am interested in intracellular molecular mechanisms of ciliary assembly and movement as they relate to hair cell polarity. When I am not in the lab, I enjoy rock and ice climbing, backcountry snowboarding, high altitude mountaineering. After any of these activites, I can typically be found cooking up some tasty food and playing with my dog Ullr.