Season 01, Episode 03

Alien vs Predator vs Space Cow:
The Five Alien Senses

About the Episode:

Aliens (Xenomorphs) and Predators (Yautjas) have been battling each other for thousands of years, resulting in an evolutionary arms race. For whatever reason, humans find themselves in the middle of this war and are the clear loser. Special guest Andrew Moran joins us to explore the sensory biology of these species and we debate which alien reigns supreme in the Alien vs Predator (AVP) franchise! 

About Andrew Moran:

I’m a PhD graduate student in Matt Wachowiak’s lab dissecting the microcircuits driving glomerular level processing in the olfactory bulb. Olfaction is an interesting sensory field to study for 3 reasons: 1) it requires active sampling of a stimulus 2) it’s a very crucial sense for primal behaviors across all species (feeding, foraging, mating, etc.) and 3) its “neural code” of mapping a highly complex odorant space onto your brain (aka sensory topography) is relatively unknown compared with other sensory modalities. That’s why I enjoy studying it!