Season 01, Episode 04

Men in Black Neuralyzers:
Salient Hot Dog Memory

About the Episode: 

We watched Men in Black, an unforgettable movie that caused 90s kids everywhere to question whether or not their parents are aliens. Graduate student Ariadne Penalva teaches us how we store and retrieve memories, why it’s hard to forget that embarrassing thing you did 10 years ago, and whether or not neurolyzers can erase your memory of an alien. 

A transcript of this episode will be available soon!

About Ariadne Penalva:

Ari is a PhD Neuroscience student at the University of Utah. She  is developing a translucent adult fish to observe the activity of specific sets of neurons in real-time when the fish is performing complex social behaviors. In her free time she enjoys hiking, going to musicals, talking about geek stuff, and playing tabletop roleplaying games.