Season 01, Episode 07

Lucy Unlocks Her Brain:
30% Capacity Will SHOCK You!

About the Episode: 

Because our first season is all about the brain, it’s no surprise that we would ultimately watch Lucy. This movie stems from the myth that living creatures use 10% of their brain, and unlocking the rest of the brain results in reality-altering abilities. Neuroscientist Danielle Giangrasso helps us understand how much of our brain we use, whether we can manipulate our “brain capacity,” and whether or not Morgan Freeman actually knows how to apply the scientific method. 

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About Danielle Giangrasso:

Danielle is a Neuroscience graduate student at the University of Utah studying under Dr. Kristen Keefe. She uses an array of cognitive, molecular, and electrophysiological techniques to better understand the neural mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease and addiction. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Danielle left the fist-pumping lifestyle to live in the mountains and enjoys backpacking, climbing, and spelunking. She can also be found blues dancing, being a proud cat mom, and telling Netflix that yes, she is still watching.