Season 01, Episode 05

Does Anne Dream of Concrete Origami?

About the Episode: 

Christopher Nolan’s Inception ignited a worldwide debate on spinning tops and made us question our dream security. Neuroscience graduate student Kyle Jenks joins us to reveal what our brain is doing while we sleep, why we dream, how we study sleep in the laboratory, and who he would incept, given the chance. 

Transcript of this episode is coming soon!

About Kyle Jenks:

The developing brain initially has an excess number of connections between neurons. These connections are thought to be selectively eliminated to drive refinement of neuronal activity, such as sensory processing. Failure to properly eliminate these connections is thought to underlie developmental disorders such as autism. Using in vivo electrophysiology and two photon imaging Kyle works to dissect how genes important in eliminating neuronal connections contribute to the development of sensory processing in the visual cortex. When not in the lab, Kyle can be found worrying about not spending enough time in the lab. Kyle can also be found petting cats, hiking, and losing to ten year olds on online video games.