Season 01, Episode 06

Alien Parasites: House Hunters, Xenomorphs

About the Episode: 

We watched Alien, a movie about parasitic Xenomorphs that use anything and anyone as their host. Jaycie Loewen joins us to discuss the various parasites that are searching for a home. Could you be their next host? 


A transcript of this episode is coming soon


About Jaycie Loewen:

Hello! My name is Jaycie Loewen. I am a graduate of the Neuroscience PhD Program at the University of Utah. My PhD research focused on developing novel therapies for epilepsy, with a focus on models of viral infection-induced epilepsy. Did you know that brain infections, viruses, and parasites can cause seizures and epilepsy years after the actual infection? Luckily I don’t think we have to add the xenomorph to the list of bugs that can! Yet… I am currently pursuing a career in higher education, teaching biology and neuroscience. I am so excited to be able to participate in the Cinema Science podcast with Heidi and Anne – it is a great educational resource for those who love science as much as they love movies!