About Us

Heidi Yi Febinger
Show Host

Heidi is currently pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience. She studies how information processing in the brain changes with the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. In her free time, Heidi enjoys rock climbing, games (of the board and video kind), sewing, writing scripts for audio drama podcasts that will one day come to fruition, and the fuzzy companionship of cats. 

Anne Gibson
Show Host

Anne is a Neuroscience graduate student at the University of Utah, where she studies how methamphetamine affects brain function.  She spends her time backpacking (through school hallways, forests, and new countries), playing volleyball, and befriending dogs.

Ariadne Penalva
Senior Author

Ari is a PhD Neuroscience student at the University of Utah. She  is developing a translucent adult fish to observe the activity of specific sets of neurons in real-time when the fish is performing complex social behaviors. In her free time she enjoys hiking, going to musicals, talking about geek stuff, and playing tabletop roleplaying games.

Eli Ramsey
Show Editor

By day, Eli is a mild mannered engineer, but at night, when crime roams the streets and threatens the citizenry…. he’s still just an engineer. Eli began his editing adventure with the OT Sports Report, and has since gone on to producing, editing, and hosting several podcasts including Sacred Cows Tonight, Highly Illogical, Hoof & Sword, SHU Podcast, and The Lost Library Podcast. You can find Eli usually hanging out on twitter or reading manga in the cave that the cast of Cinema Science occasionally allows him to crawl out of between episodes. 

Kagan Breitenbach

Kagan graduated from the University of Utah School of Music where he studied music composition and piano performance. Since then, he has worked in several capacities as composer of films and video games, orchestrator, music editor, sound designer, voice over producer, and production audio engineer. In his spare time he enjoys watching lots of horror movies and documentaries with his husband Jace, and hiking in the mountains with his dog. Kagan also plays lots of retro video games having grown up playing lots of classic Nintendo. He’s a Utah native, so of course he also enjoys whitewater rafting, skiing, and backpacking. http://www.kaganbreitenbach.com


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